August 12th-still no pictures

Well, I have been trying to upload photos for some time now but some snag in the system is preventing photos at this moment. So you will just have to believe me that the dry fly fishing in the greater Yellowstone area right now is very good. Just about every river has fish tuned into beetles, grasshoppers, flying ants and spruce moths. It is time to get foxi (bring in Jimi). Walk slowly along the banks of the Madison, Gallatin, Lamar, and Soda Butte and try to spot your target. If you can see a fish hanging out near the bank in less than 2 feet of water, you can bet that fish is looking for a land based food item. Short accurate casts are the name of the game. Get a good drift with a #14 beetle, or spruce moth and these fish will respond. Look closely at rocks that are just below the surface, upstream. Yes that is right, upstream. Especially in the Madison big browns love to sit upstream of rocks. A short cast a few feet upstream of the rock will bring a quick response from the trout before drag sets in. Hold on and keep that rod bent and back and you could be the next smiling fisherman with picture on our blog. That is as soon as server starts accepting photos again. Stay tuned the terrestrial fishing is just heating up!


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