August 18th-Two weeks ahead or two weeks behind?

Good Morning Folks,

I honestly cannot tell if we are two weeks ahead or two weeks behind, or right on schedule, at least as far as the fishing is concerned. With the cold and wet spring, and somewhat cooler and wetter summer, it seems that most of the hatches have been a little behind schedule. But with the cold weather this weekend, it seemed like we are closer to September hatches than early August. A fantastic Baetis emergence came off on the Madison River on Sunday, and the cool and cloudy weather are spurring these little battleships to emerge on a variety of local rivers. Basically I don’t know what is up, but we all just have to go fishing as much as possible so we can figure it out. Yesterday morning it was 20 degrees in West Yellowstone, brrrrr! There even was a skiff of snow on the Madison range! However the forecast for the rest of the week is very summer like, and it looks like we better soak up the sun, because soon it really will be September, and the chill of an early fall may be in the air.
The fishing has been very good, as it has been all summer. The Madison continues to be one of the best options with the upper river fishing particularly well. Spruce Moths have been hitting the water with their characteristic reckless abandon, and the trout love the Moth! Nymphing remains good, and the “usual suspects” continue to fool these fish. Baetis have also begun to show, as well as Rhycophilla caddis, so look for smaller pheasant tails, and thin mints to start taking a lot of fish. The Henry’s Fork is also fishing good from top to bottom. Nymphing in the Box, spinners and ants on the Ranch, and Hoppers and droppers Warm River to Ashton. The Gallatin is also chugging out good fishing with Spruce Moths and other terrestrials. Cover lots of water and watch out for bears!
Time to scrape the frost off the windshield and go fishing!

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