August 21st-Hoppers Galore

Good Morning Hopper Addicts,

It is time to break out the Daves, Parchutes, Chaos, and Baby Huey Hopers for the trout in the greater Yellowstone area are on the prowl looking for these juicy morsels. A size 10-14 hopper has been treating us the best, but there are some giant hoppers along the banks and I imagine there will be an increase in the size of our imitaions as the season progresses. Flying Ants are also making a showing throughout the region. Both the small black ones (I think the males) and the larger cinnamon ones are in the air and on the water. But my personal favorite terrestrial-beetle. MMMMMM delicious! I will leave it at that. Baetis have also been showing up on the cloudy days, and it pays to have a few Cripples and Sparkle Duns in 20-22 with you. Be sure to have small baetis style nymphs as well such as pheasant tails, thin mints and black lightning bugs in these small sizes. It won’t be long before a few browns begin their annual migration up the Madison into the Park from Hebgen. And the Firehole River is on the horizon too. Caddis will be the main fare here in a couple of weeks. Well I hear the clack clack clack of hoppers and the slurp slurp slurp of trout.

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