August 8th-Rising Fish Await

Good Afternoon,

A week into August and it feels like late September today. Highs only into the 50’s and you can bet we are gonna get cold tonight! However a return to Summer is on tap for the next couple of days. Look for highs in the 70’s and fair amount of heavenly sunshine. As for the fishing, it continues to be very good. I really hope you have made it out this summer or have plans to join us in the next few weeks, as the fishing has been as good as we can remember. Rivers are remaining full and cool, and the fish have been responding in kind. The Madison continues to fish very well, despite some bumps in the flows lately. Floating is a great option riverwide, and I expect we will see hoppers and ants come on like gangbusters this week. A little chaos hopper action haunts my dreams! The wade water is also fishing good, and you just gotta get a little foxi here. Walk slowly and carry a 5 weight stick armed with a handful of beetles and ants and you might just mix it up with a few browns and rainbows. Nymphing the slicks with the “Usual Suspects” will have you tied into a carnival ride that has made this river world famous. Good water flows have benfited every river in the area, but the the Fork is reaping big rewards. Warm River to Ashton is still fishing well as the water has remained cool. If you are looking for all day action, this section will keep you smiling. The Box and Ranch water have also been fishing well with many large specimens haunting its challenging lairs. Look for Spruce Moths maybe this week. I know I keep predicting their arrival, but they have to ascend to the water sometime? If they do, look to the Gallatin for some great dry fly fishing. If they don’t look to the Gallatin for some great dry fly fishing, just not with Spruce Moth imitations. Royal Wulff Cripples and Chilly Dogs will provide plenty of distractions if the Moth stays cowardly hidden in the pines. August 17th is fast approaching and that means the NE corner of Yellowstone is going to be hard to reach because of road construction. Until then the Lamar, Slough, and Soda Butte will continue to produce consistent action to terrestrials. Cover lots of water, and concentrate when you find a willing participant. They usually hang out in gangs, so if you find one, there should be more. I love August in Yellowstone. The beautiful gold, yellows and oranges of late summer are beginning to show. The click and clack of hoppers fill the air. Every river is begging to be fished and explored. Let the sun soak in and lets go catch a few trout!

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