Thanks to All for a great Summer

Good Morning Folks,

First and Foremost I wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to fish at the Firehole Ranch this summer. It was a fantastic season, filled with new and old friends, lots of fish, and great weather. I am already looking forward to seeing and fishing with all of you again next summer. It is never to early to look forward to good fishing! There were many highlights this past summer and I plan on touching on a few of them in the upcoming weeks via this blog. But for the moment anyway we are going to talk about September. What a glorious month this turned out to be. Everyday was in the 70’s and sunny. No clouds, no rain, just beautiful Indian Summer. No one in the area can remember a September this amazing. Each day was truly an honor to be able to be standing in a river, waving a stick, and soaking in the sun. Everyone here has been basking in our good fortune,…..BUT….this morning the other face of September has roared to life. Rain and Snow are in our future, and while I am getting ready to head into the Park to shoot photos of elk this morning, I can hear the rain and wind pelting the side of the cabin. With rain and snow, you can bet the little commando’s will emerge today on all the area’s waters. Baetis, Baetis and more Baetis are on tap for the next couple of days. You can bank on the fact that after dancing with elk, I will be plying the currents of the Firehole River with a #22 Baetis Cripple. The sun is due up in minutes so it is time to go, but stay tuned this fall and winter, as we attempt to keep you in touch with the Firehole Ranch, and the greater Yellowstone area.

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