June 14th-Day 1 in the books

Good Morning Folks,

A beautiful day in Yellowstone country is in store for us today. Highs in the upper 60’s, light winds, and plenty of sunshine. It will be a good day to be on a river somewhere taking it all in. Things are going to happen quickly in the next couple of weeks as the area transitions from spring run-off conditions to more stable summer flows. Keep a watch out for the glory bugs of Yellowstone in the upcoming weeks, especially my all time favorite, the Green Drake. Along with this olive giant of the Mayfly world, it’s close relatives Brown and Gray Drakes are on the horizon as well. Salmonlfies will begin to be the buzz too in the upcoming weeks as the rivers begin to clear and drop. Goldenstones can appear anytime and bring large trout to the surface on many of the area’s rivers. Yesterday Warm River to Ashton on the Fork we saw several Green Drakes, but more importantly we caught numerous fish on #12 Green Drake Cripples. It is a pleasure indeed to fish such a large fly to willing trout. The Madison has dropped some, but remains off color. Buggers and Worms fished close to the banks can fool a trout or two for the diligent angler.

Time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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