July 21st-The Summer is Flying By

Good Morning Yellowstone,

Holy Cow is the summer just sailing by. I looked up from my flip em floppy yesterday only to notice that we are three weeks into July. The fishing this month has been very good throughout the greater Yellowstone area. The Madison has been steady with Caddis taking over the river as the Salmonflies and Goldens become a memory for another season. Nymphing remains solid with the “usual suspects”, especially with a good drag free drift along the seams and edges of the Madison’s many boulders. The Park is quickly becoming the go to place for the dry fly addict. Lamar, Soda Butte, and Slough are all producing good hatches of Yellow Sallies, PMD’s, caddis, and even a few Drakes. The wildflower show going over Dunraven Pass to get to the NE corner of YNP might just be worth the drive alone. Despite a little road construction in there, and higher than normal water, a float down the Yellowstone in the upper reaches near Gardiner can be fast and furious. Can anyone say Flip em Floppy! A few chubby chernobyl’s, royal wullf cripples, and royal trude cripples would be nice additions to the flop em’ brigade. The Gallatin is a fun choice just about anytime, but right now an dry fly angler can do well in the afternoons with a small selection of high riding dry flies, trialed by a beadhead prince. Even the Fork continues to fish well, and the load of water ¬†down there might be a contributing factor. Die hard nymphers will do well tangling with large Rainbows and Whitieys in the Box. Savy anglers will enjoy a morning stalking large risers in the Ranch, and floaters in the lower river will enjoy all day action with both dries and nymphs.

Summer is in full swing. Time to fish like Mad!


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