July 28th-August here we come.

Good Morning Folks,

I cannot believe how fast this summer is moving along, July is almost over and the and it feels like it just begun. I swear yesterday we were chasing Salmonflies on the Madison and talking Green Drakes on the Henry’s Fork. A great month of fishing is wrapping up, but by all accounts I expect another great month is ahead of us.

So what can we look forward to in August fishing wise. Well, first and forenmost, are the bugs and the rise of the terrestrial. Hoppers, ant, and beetles become strong competitors for  the trout’s attention. As the heat of August burns the grasses to a beautiful golden yellow, the terrestrial begin to migrate towards greener pastures along the area’s riparian zones. Afternoon winds blown these land born insects into the watery confines of the rivers and lakes of Yellowstone. Wise anglers take advantage of this situation, and you can bet we will be looking for this action here at the Firehole. The recent Spruce Moth revolution takes hold in August as well, so look for this action to heat up soon. On top of the terrestrials, many stream born insects are still available to trout. Look for increased Callibaetis action of the area’s lakes and slower moving rivers such as the Ranch section of the Fork. Morning egg laying flights of caddis will still be present on the Madison, and lesser known Mayflies such as Epeorus and Heptagenia can pop in a variety of river systems. As the month wanes look for Baetis to appear on both the Gallatin and Madison River.

August is a great month for the angler who likes to wade fish. Warm, sunny days are a perfect recipe for wet wading the smaller, cold water streams of Yellowstone. For example, the Lamar, Slough, and Soda Butte are excellent fisheries in August and are personal favorites. Grab a beetle and a Flip Em’ Floppy and have it. Cover water and wait for those Cutties to consume the fly. The Gallatin is a fun river in August as well, it’s cold waters playing suit to the heat of August. Float fisherman are in luck to, as the Yellowstone is in prime shape this month and can be a ton of fun. If good numbers of flying ant, spruce moths, and hoppers are present, the Madison will continue to shine brightly. Nymphomaniacs will love the Box, especially towards the end of the month.

Only a few days left on July, so we better get done with the typing and start with the casting.

Fish On everyone.


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