August 10th-Summer Days

Hello Everyone,

August seems to be flying by as fast as the rest of the summer has so far. Afternoon thunderstorms are the norm right now, so a little duck and run has been the order of the day on our area’s rivers. In spite of Mother Nature’s best efforts to keep us from her fish, we have found good fishing from the Yellowstone, to the Madison, to the Henry’s Fork. What has been a very pleasant surprise for us this summer has been the very good and consistent fishing in the H-Fork from Warm River to Ashton. This highly overlooked stretch has been producing good fishing for 10-15″ rainbows all summer, and now we are knee deep into hopper season, look for the dry fly fishing to pick-up along side the already good nymph fishing. Speaking of hoppers, the Yellowstone is the King of Hopper Time in this area. Grab a handfull of Chilly Dawgs, Baby Huey’s and Parachute’s and have at it. The Madison is also a strong contender in the hopper department, especially in the float water. Now is the time. Be on the lookout for the honey colored flying ants. These juicy morsels can show up anywhere at anytime and the fish loooooovvvvveeeee them, ice cream for trout! If flying ant are ice cream, then spruce moths have got to be the brownies. Sprucies are showing up in good numbers anywhere there is spruce, fir, or pine trees. These clumsy fliers dive bomb the area’s water and drive the fish into feeding frenzies. Keep your fingers crossed that this action remains good throughout the month. All in all, it is a great time to be fishing in Yellowstone country. We are looking forward to fishing with you.

Tight Lines and Jumping Fish


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