August Dreams

It is the middle of August and the “dog days of summer” have set in. If by the dog days you mean that fishing is still going strong and the fish are eating to everyone’s pleasure. From the Madison to the Park and back again to the henry’s Fork, fishing remains strong across the board. The rain and snow of spring have kept the area’s rivers in great shape, running cold, clear and full. We have been hitting the Yellowstone around Gardiner for fantastic dry fly fishing. The name of the game here is Chilly Dawg, Baby! You could even throw double Chilly Dawg if you were feeling particularly greedy. But as the 80’s suggest, greed is good, and when the fish are biting, one must do what one must. The Henry’s Fork continues to produce all day happiness. Rubberlegs, Shop Vacs, and FB Princes are the key here. If you see the thingamabobber  jiggle, set! The Madison is starting to experience a serious hopper bite, Morris hoppers, baby huey’s, and para hoppers are lighting them up. I can’t take it anymore, it is time to hit the rivers.


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