Chill of an early Fall?

Good Morning Folks,

39 degrees right now and the low gray clouds are clinging to the surrounding mountains so characteristically of Autumn. Is summer over? Say it isn’t so, but the signs are everywhere that Fall has rolled into the Yellowstone region. Fresh snow on the Sphinx last week. A little bit of color beginning to light upon the leaves of the aspens. The bugle of a bull elk. Buttery yellow bellies on big, slightly kyped, and overly aggresive brown trout. Are you kidding me! Anyone staying with us now, better have a layer or two of fleece in the morning. The good news is, we have the most glorious Indian Summers around. 70 degree days, blue bird skies, light winds, fall color, and hungry trout.

So what to expect the final 3 weeks. Continued good terrestrial fishing just about everywhere. It has been a solid hopper season, and this action typically goes into the beginning of October. Look for flying ants to increase in importance too, especially on the Madison, Henry’s Fork, and Lamar rivers. The return of Baetis. This small olive colored mayfly has already started to show up in fishable numbers on the Madison and Gallatin. Look for the best activity on the gray and gloomy days, but don’t neglect the importance of nymphs in any weather condition. Green Drakes. Yes I said Green Drakes. Sister species to the more famous Green Drake of summer, this large Mayfly emerges on the rivers of the NE corner of Yellowstone, reminding the natvies that winter is long and you better fatten up for it. Streamers-Ripping the Junk Baybee! Exciting and aggresive action can be the anglers reward for sore casting arms and long days.

I am calling it-it has turned to our fall season and this is my favorite time of the year. There may not be a more special time of the year to be casting a line on our area’s rivers. So hopefully you have booked your fall trip to Yellowstone at the Firehole Ranch.

Let’s go fishing.


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