February 25th 2011-Despite the snow my thoughts turn to Spring

Good Afternoon Folks,

Even though there is more snow on the ground than anyone can remember, I find my thoughts are mired in visions of spring. Only 3 days left in this month, and soon what is left of winter will begin to loosen its grip. Now I will be the first to admit this loosened grip is very light in the month of March. Many times it is hardly noticeable. But it is there in subtle ways. The days are longer, with sunrise and sunset further apart, and more sunlight that seeps into our frosty bones. Standing in icy cold water, chipping ice from the guides, and wiggling stiff, frozen fingers, this tiny bit of warmth is just the boost to keep an angler casting a little longer. With this added daylight, there is a few more moments of bug activity every day. A few more midges, a few more winter stones, and the highlight of spring fishing for me, the first Baetis mayflies. Oh, it is not far off now. Less than a few weeks really. You can bet I will be heralding in the first Baetis on the Yellowstone, Ruby, and Madison rivers with baited breath. That extra few degrees of warmth, a few more minutes of every day lengthened by the suns growing arc across the sky, and the fish begin to stir from their winter lies. Spring is on my mind, and I can see those trout moving into the shallows to look for an easy meal. Winter is all around us, and by the looks of it this year, it will be here for awhile, but in the next few weeks spring will push into its grip and begin to make its presence known, and the fish and I will respond.

Tight lines everyone,


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