March 17th-Nymph Countdown Continue

Monday came and went, my head was bent over chained to the tying vise, winding and wrapping dozens of flies that will filling my boxes this coming summer, when I realized I had a blog entry I promised everyone, and most of the week was gone. Berating myself for my tardiness, I put the thread and hacklle down for a moment and picked up the keyboard. So I assume that everyone has tied up a supply of rubber leg stones and pheasant tails and are eagerly awaiting this weeks top 10 candidates. So what are we going to spend the weekend tying?

8. BBB PT Emerger #14. Colorado fishing guide, and all around good guy Billy “Bob” Berger, came up with this cross between two other flies on this list to create this magical little nymph. Basiaclly this is a beaded pheasnt tail, with a gold bead head, and a wingcase of white synthetic yarn. Once again simple and once again, effective. A great imitaion of both slim mayflies such as PMD’s and slim stone flies such as yellow sallies. I love this in #14, and it is one of the first flies I reach for early season.

Number 7-Baetis Thin Mint #20. Ouch, talk about tiny. This little nymph can be a game changer though, and even though it still amazes me, trout often look exclusively for very small offerings. The Baetis thin mint, imitates…uh, well Baetis. Baetis or Blue Winged Olives predomintate every trout stream in the greater Yellowstone region and are incredibally important from mid August onwards, as the larger and more flashy glory bugs of summer dwindle away, Baetis come on strong in staggering numbers. Some of the most consistent nymphing I have ever had on the Madison has been on cloudy days in late August and September with this little fly taking point.

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