March 25th-#6 and #5

March Madness has me consumed to the point that I cannot keep my Mondays straight from my Fridays. I am seriously considering renaming this blog series to Top 10 Flies Friday. Lots of good college basketball this weekend, and while you are rooting for your favorite team (I am going for a good game and a upset), one can always be tying a few flies during the drama. So what are we tying this weekend. An instant classic and one of the all-time best.

Number 6- Copper John #16: Wow, this fly stormed onto the scene over a decade ago and has lost none of its fish catching power. A blend of two classics, the pheasant tail (and we have already remarked on this wonderful fly) and the brassie, the Copper John has become the Yellowstone nymphers go to dropper. There may not be a better nymph to dangle off the back of a dry fly than this little killer. The body is wrapped with both a weighted lead underbody, and then overwrapped with shiny copper wire, making this fly dive for the bottom as soon as it hits the water. It seems to be the perfect combination of weight to get the fly down, but no so heavy as to sink the dry fly indicator. Grab one of our soon to be revealed Top Ten Dry Flies, 24″ of 4x tippet, and cover all the good looking trout water, and you will have a combination that will be sure to please just about any trout.

Number 5-Hare’s Ear #14: In all reality I would probably tie this in a #16, but because of the #14’s deadliness early season, I had to go with the big brother. The Hare’s Ear catches trout worldwide, so it goes without saying too much that it is standard in every nymphers fly box who fishes the Yellowstone region. One of the area’s that I like this fly best is in lakes. Tied lightly weighted and very sparse, this rough dubbed nymph can be taken for just about anything that a trout might find to eat. Slowly crawl this fly in the shallow margins of Hebgen, Yellowstone, Quake, Grebe, or Trout lake and prepare to tighten down your drag. As well as lakes, early season nymphing in the Box and Madison can be all about this venerable nymph. Big bugs for big fish.

Next week, maybe Monday, maybe Friday, will be the Final Four nymphs to not be without in the Yellowstone region. Who will come out on top? I have my best guess, but you never know when an underdog will make a run!

Have a great weekend.


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