April 27th-A Break in the Weather

Good Morning,

A slight break in the weather today, as the sun is peeking out between snowstorms that have been lashing southwest Montana lately. With all this stormy weather this month, the annual snowpack continues to build slightly, and has created perfect baetis weather. Look for this activity to continue for the next week or so as weather forecasts have even more clouds rolling in by tomorrow. March Brown mayflies should be making an appearance soon, and you can bet this #14 mayfly attracts the trout’s attention. As we roll into May, and if we get a slight warming in the weather pattern we should also start to see some Mother’s Day caddis break out on the Yellowstone, Lower Madison, and Big Hole rivers. When this warming trend arrives, and how warm it gets will be the chess game that determines how good this year’s Mother’s Day caddis emergence is, and how long it lasts, before all this winters snow begins to melt and blow out the rivers. These two events are always on a crash course with each other, and every year it is a game of ebb and flow trying to determine where and when to be for the best caddis fishing.


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