April 9th-Snowpack continuing to build?

Good Morning Folks,

Well Montana got hit with another monster snowstorm this week. Many areas received up to 2 feet of new, wet snow. The snowpack in the mountains in and around yellowstone National Park have totals nearing 130-150%. It could be a big run-off this year, with many of our area’s rivers taking on some new looks and character. It is one of my favorite aspects of fishing in our area. Every year the water conditions can change a river’s character, requiring the angler to learn a slightly different river that existed than the year before. All those thoughts boiled through my head yesterday, as I was casting to rising trout on the Lower Madison in a blizzard. After my third consecutive take, and my third consecutive whiff on the set, I decided to stop thinking of the upcoming run-off and instead concentrate on the fish sipping in midge clusters in front of me. It was a good, snowy, cold afternoon.

Tight lines,


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