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April 5th-#4 and #3

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I was hoping to keep with the Final Four theme, but I fell behind in my duties and we are now days past the Huskies taking it all. Hopefully everyone has boxes full of nymphs and are awaiting the big 4. I do not fish anywhere without these bugs. Some combination of the final four is tied on just about any nymph rig I start with, on just about any river. It hardly ever lets me down.

Number 4: Crystal Serendipity #16-This fly couldn’t be much simpler, but its effectiveness has been proven without a doubt. Tied on either a curved or straight shank hook, the body is composed of pearlescent crystal flash, wound thin, the length of the shank. A quick head/wingcase of deer hair trimmed short and you are ready to rock and roll. There is of course a beadhead version, and numerous color variations, but the original is just about all I go with. I personally add a very thin gold wire rib, reversed wrapped over the crystal flash. Why? For no other reason than this flies durability is its only weakness, and the wire will last a few more fish than it would without it.

Number 3: San Juan Worm #10-Ouch! Talk about a fly that is embroiled in useless controversy. Whether you fish this pattern or not, it is without dispute that this fly simply works. About the only time this fly loses some of its effectiveness, is when there is a plethora of insects emerging, taking the fish’s attention away from a high calorie food source such as worms. Quantity vs. quality! Aquatic worms exist in just about every river system, and the trout know it. So whether you choose to fish this pattern or not, the imitation is a slam dunk copy of the naturals that the fish are eating. The classic red color is my go to worm, but I do tie them in brown and pink as well. All hail the SJW

Soon to be released will be the top 2. The biggies that catch more fish year in and year out than any other 10 flies that I know of.

Good tying.