Sandy’s Birthday Brown

Hello Firehole Fanatics,
Another banner winter has gone by and I didn’t even hit the slopes once. Every time I try to reevaluate my priorities, I inadvertently end up on water with a fly rod in hand. Why not, I virtually have the entire river to myself and this way I’ll be in tip top form for those twilight gulpers on Hebgen Lake this summer. They’ll have no chance this season.
Currently I am all but finished with my bug orders. Invoices need to be made and filed. Then, all that would remain for the flies is a short trip to their temporary home before they end up in a fly box, tree, rock, or a trout preferably.  Also this is the time of the year I start packing and preparing for the initial opening of the ranch. It’s only a matter of weeks now. Considering the snowpack is one hundred and twelve percent of average, our entry could be delayed.
Oh Yeah….the fish. This one has created quite the buzz on Sandy’s Facebook page and southwestern Montana for that matter. We were on Sandy’s annual birthday camping adventure soaking up some much needed vitamin D, we were also able to squeeze in a little fishing as well. Where the Gallatin, Jefferson, and Madison rivers join in Three Forks Montana, the mighty Missouri begins its descent all the way to its confluence with the Mississippi. Since Sandy and I only had a couple of days, we chose to concentrate our efforts on a shorter section below Holter Dam, rather than trying to float the entire river.  This virtually flawless buck came mid morning on the first day, at that moment our trip was complete. All we had to do from there was enjoy ourselves. At the end of the second day, Sandy stated that her favorite part of the trip were the pelicans and their crazy hairdos, even though she had just caught the fish of a lifetime. This to me confirms that a little luck, persistence, and most of all a good attitude catches more big fish than anything else.

Tight Lines,
Josh & Sandy Duchateau

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