Opening Day in Yellowstone Park

Guide Brady Hughes with a brown trout on the Firehole River, Opening Day 2012

Another Beautiful Brown Trout

It was about 5: 30 a.m. on day three of the usual Memorial Day weekend snow storm and once again, Brady and I set out for a long journey into Yellowstone National Park for our annual Opening Day of fishing in the park. Only about four inches of snow remained on Denny Creek Road from the previous night’s snowfall. Conditions might have slowed us down but regardless of the downed tree across the road, bison jam, and the accumulation of snow, nothing would stop us from spending another magical day on the beautiful Firehole River.
As usual, we started out swinging buggers from bank to bank. Action was spotty at first but as the day progressed bites were almost predictable. The correct depth and speed of our presentation was rewarded through each prime trout real estate. By early afternoon trout snouts began to break the surface, sipping down a few different types of mayflies. Brady and I split the difference with Nyman’s Royal Wulff Cripple enticing each fish one by one until we realized it was mid afternoon and our stomachs were leading us back to the truck.
Fluctuating conditions have made for one of the best fishing springs I have ever been a part of. Just when the temperatures start climbing and the local streams start to look like the latte you bought this morning, another shot of cold weather sets in and drops river levels back into manageable fishing conditions. Although hatches might be a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, it isn’t necessarily bad news for our Firehole Ranch fishing season. What it does mean is that the bugs will be in full swing for our ranch opener which is only days away now.

Josh Duchateau
Head Guide and Outfitter

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