Let the Sweet Sixteen Fishing Tourney Begin!

It is tourney time! College basketball’s tour de force hits the airwaves this month with all the drama, last minute heroics, and memories made for a lifetime. In that vein we have launched our own tournament here at Firehole Ranch. What to expect – the long time greats holding court, maybe a upset or two, and a whole lot of fun and discussion. So what is this all about? Simply put it is the sweet sixteen of fishing destinations in the greater Yellowstone area, which the Firehole Ranch is blessed to guide and play on every day all summer long. A race to the Finals with one river up against another for fishing domination.

The sixteen finalists (of hundreds of possibilities) have been broken into two divisions. The eight “teams” in each division have been given a seed (ranking) and matched up with their opponent. The river or lake’s seeding was based on three criteria: #1 – Historical significance in fishing legend and lore. #2 – All around “game”, what does each fishing destination offer the angler. #3 – The ability to haunt an angler’s dreams when they have the misfortune to not be angling on said river or lake. We will face these “teams” off against each other and move the winner into the next round. The Great Eight, The Final Four, Finals, and eventually the winner!

So grab a bracket, read the bios (coming later this week), and fill it out to see if you can figure out (and influence) what fishing river or lake will be left standing come summer time. This tourney is intended to be interactive. Please post your comments about each “game” on our Facebook page, keep it short and sweet, but make a case for your favorite, all input will be used to determine who moves on to the next round. The stronger the argument for one river or lake over another goes a long way in determining which fishing destination “wins”. So lets have a little fun as we prepare for the summer fishing season here at Firehole Ranch!

Tight Lines, Jumping Fish and May your favorite river win!

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