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Thank you for making us Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year!

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Owner Lyndy Caine, with Firehole Ranch Guides, Staff and Board Members at the Orvis Awards Banquet

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share that Firehole Ranch has been chosen as the 2013 Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year!  Thank you to our fabulous guests, staff and friends as you are the ones that make it all possible.  We hope you are able to join us this summer to help celebrate!

Thank you for being part of this amazing community!
Warmest wishes,
Lyndy Caine, Owner
Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year 2013  –  Forbes Top 10 Fly Fishing Lodge in the World!
No lodge in the U.S. is better located for trout fishing  – Forbes

Sweet Sixteen Fishing Tournament – Great 8 Winners

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We are down from the Sweet 16 of fantastic fishing destinations in the Greater Yellowstone area to the Great 8. Some intriguing match-ups were in this round, true nail-biters, especially with the inclusion of the two underdogs who escaped the first round with upset wins. Both 6 seeds from their respective brackets made it into the Great 8, will they go any further?

First up is the recap of the games from the Yellowstone Region.

#1 Madison River vs. #5 Quake Lake
History would dictate that this game ought to be a easy win for the Madison. It is after all the storied, fabled, and legendary 50 mile riffle. Maybe no other river has as much history with-in fly fishing lore as the Madison River. Legends were born and bred on the rough and tumble nature of this mighty river. Names like Charlie Brooks, Ross A Marigold, Bob Jacklin, Bud Lilly, and many others call this institution their alma mater.  Yet the Madison had a scrappy opponent that has surged in recent years to be considered a contender, Quake Lake. After all, Quake knocked off Hebgen Lake, a mighty foe in its own right. For just about every minute these two went back and forth, but in the latter stages of the contest, the historical significance of all that entails the Madison River outlasted the upstart Quake Lake. The Madisonʼs all encompassing power house game that includes year round dry fly, nymphing, and streamer fishing, swamped Quake’s 6 month season of the same , but slightly shortened game.
Winner: Madison River

#2 Yellowstone River vs. #6 Ruby River
Our first game of the week included our first #6 seed to make it into the second round. The Ruby’s small stature was predicted to have its hands full with the giants that make up the Yellowstone River. For the first half of the game it looked like we had a major upseton our hands. The Ruby pulled out all the punches, with blistering hatches of PMDʼsYellow Sallies, Baetis, and Caddis galore. By the midway point there were tearful mournings from Vegas odd makers. But the second half was all Yellowstone. Matching the hatches of the Ruby, the Yellowstone threw in some Golden Stones and Salmonflies, the true big boys, followed up with Green and Gray Drakes, and to top it all off Hoppers and Ants. Too much game for just about any competitor.
Winner: Yellowstone River

Look out folks the Final Four has its first goliath of a match up!

#1 Madison River vs. #2 Yellowstone River
Post your feelings now about which river, and why, should make it to the championship game!




FISH MORE!!!! Check! A March/April Fishing Report

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So I know each year we say a lot of things when it comes to making New Year’s Resolutions or making mental or physical achievement goals. But when it comes down to it we either fail to even make an attempt at these goals or they just fade to the bottom of the list based on level of importance. Well not this year. This spring, as always, I made a list of things to do by the time I landed at the Firehole Ranch for the summer. Just below “losing a little winter weight”, “FISH MORE!!!” was literally near the top of my list. I know most of you probably think that I fish enough as it is, but that is what you think. Since I live in what I consider the “meat and potatoes” of Montana there is a lot of water that receives little to zero attention from fly fishing “experts”, blogs, fishing reports, and magazines. (I say “meat and potatoes” because if you even mention fruit or vegetables in this area, you are probably a sissy.) I wanted to take advantage of my location and time to explore. Living in an undesirable fly fishing location comes with its pros and cons. Cons being that there isn’t much for documented information, lack of designated public fishing access, and the fact that I haven’t fished with anybody else in Montana since like November starts to get lonely. Pros being that there isn’t really any competition. If you are creative, like to explore, and have a GPS depicting public and private land, you can find hidden gems with gullible fish all over this state.  It really doesn’t get much more satisfying.

Now as for the fishing itself, it has been awesome! We couldn’t be having better weather for spring fishing and antler hunting. I mention antler hunting because it is motivation to climb seriously steep hills to achieve one of my other goals above. Lose a little winter weight? Check. Rivers have bumped and warmed but still haven’t blown out completely. There are hatches of midges, mayflies, and stoneflies already with March browns and caddis right around the corner. My favorite and probably most productive set up lately has been a dry-dropper system containing a #10 Foam Skwala Stonefly with a nymph imitating whatever other dominant hatch that might be occurring, hung below.  Aside from a little streamer and bobber fishing here and there, no matter what state, stream or river I have fished lately, I haven’t changed my set up for over a month. Fish more? Check!


Josh Duchateau

Head Guide and Outfitter

Sweet Sixteen Fishing Tournament – Montana Region First Round Winners

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The Montana Region results of Firehole Ranch’s great fishing rivers tournament are in. The games went mostly as expected for the most part in 3 of the 4 games, but once again, we have an upset.

A quick recap:

#1 Henry’s Fork vs #8 Taylor’s Fork
#2 Slough Creek vs. #7 Yellowstone Lake

#3 Firehole River vs. #6 Soda Butte Creek
#4 Gallatin River vs. #5 Gardner River

Winner #1  Henry’s Fork

No surprise here as Taylor’s Fork was massively outmatched by the multitude of strengths that the Henry’s Fork brings each and every game. Taylors Fork held its water at first with its surprisingly good dry fly fishing, but soon the diversity and intensity of the hatches that the H-Fork brings overwhelmed its competitor. From here on throughout the tournament the “Fork” has deserved its highly sought after shortened nickname. All hail to the mighty “Fork”.

Winner #2  Slough Creek

A once mighty has fallen, but to a long and steady rival that has continued, year after year, to provide one of the best angling experiences that can be found. Yellowstone Lake provided moments of clarity last night, but the visual aspects of its fishery, paled in comparison to Sloughs relentless meadow water. Every twist and turn of Slough’s character, stifled the deep game of the Yellowstone Lake. Right from the opening, Slough hit the ground running with a plethora of insect hatches, and miles upon miles, of some of the most scenic water that an angler can be standing in. Throughout the thoughtful and deliberate game of the Slough has this bracket nervous!

Winner #6  Soda Butte Creek

Another water from the Northeast has made a run into the second round, beating a local favorite, but only just barely. As usual the Firehole played its usual game with a quick start of caddis and PMD’s, putting it up early. But Soda Butte dominated the middle of the game with outstanding Green Drakes, Heptagenia, Eperous, PMD’s, Beetle, and Hoppers, to set up the final quarter. Soda Butte held a big lead, but as is tradition of the Firehole, it made a run, with Baetis from downtown to tighten the game in the final seconds. The howling of wolves, some downtown Baetis of its own, and a slightly larger native born game, Soda Butte came out the upset winner with a last second buzzer beater.

Winner #4  Gallatin River

Two classic trout rivers went fin to fin in this one, but in the end the relentless and consistent game of the Gallatin held off the pesky and eclectic Gardner River. Both teams brought steadiness to the forefront, and no match-up might have better emphasized what the pure pleasure of the sport can mean to its participants. This was a throwback game, where attractors and fish where they should be, doing what they should, was put on for all to see. The Gallatin came away the winner in the end but it had the scrappiness to go the distance.

Celebrating Bruno and Kris Georgeton!

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A letter from Lyndy Caine, Firehole Ranch Owner

Dear Friends,

Please join me in celebrating Bruno and Kris’ 25th year at Firehole! Words cannot adequately express how blessed and fortunate we are to have them and their family as part of the Firehole community. They are such a huge part of the Firehole experience and an integral part of Firehole’s success! Kris and Bruno, thank you for spoiling us, for your many years of amazing meals and great comraderie!

Twenty five years, that kind of tenure in the culinary world is absolutely unheard of and when asked why they’ve stayed, Bruno and Kris are quick to point to the unheard of freedom they have in the kitchen; from shopping at the market to planning original, creative menus that require them to use constant innovation. They both agree that the personal nature of the Firehole experience has made their job unusually rewarding. Here, our chefs are as much a part of the Firehole experience and family as the guides or anyone else on our team. It is a combination of appreciation, the memories, the place, and the freedom they enjoy at the Ranch that brings them back each year. “We’ve watched our children grow up here,” Kris says, and when asked what her fondest memory will be when she’s old, responds: “The picture I’ll have is of my kids tubing on the lake, running around at the barbeque and dancing with the band.” Chloe, 22, and son Remy, 18, now spend their summers working at the Ranch. Bruno agrees, adding that he was surprised when his children became teenagers that they still wanted to come to the Ranch. “I had always worried about that,” he says, “But each year they are excited to come back.”

We are all excited to be back at the Ranch for another spectacular season on the lake! We look forward to enjoying Bruno and Kris’ innovative culinary creations and to spending time with many of you, our fabulous guests!

Warmest wishes,
Owner, Firehole Ranch