FISH MORE!!!! Check! A March/April Fishing Report

So I know each year we say a lot of things when it comes to making New Year’s Resolutions or making mental or physical achievement goals. But when it comes down to it we either fail to even make an attempt at these goals or they just fade to the bottom of the list based on level of importance. Well not this year. This spring, as always, I made a list of things to do by the time I landed at the Firehole Ranch for the summer. Just below “losing a little winter weight”, “FISH MORE!!!” was literally near the top of my list. I know most of you probably think that I fish enough as it is, but that is what you think. Since I live in what I consider the “meat and potatoes” of Montana there is a lot of water that receives little to zero attention from fly fishing “experts”, blogs, fishing reports, and magazines. (I say “meat and potatoes” because if you even mention fruit or vegetables in this area, you are probably a sissy.) I wanted to take advantage of my location and time to explore. Living in an undesirable fly fishing location comes with its pros and cons. Cons being that there isn’t much for documented information, lack of designated public fishing access, and the fact that I haven’t fished with anybody else in Montana since like November starts to get lonely. Pros being that there isn’t really any competition. If you are creative, like to explore, and have a GPS depicting public and private land, you can find hidden gems with gullible fish all over this state.  It really doesn’t get much more satisfying.

Now as for the fishing itself, it has been awesome! We couldn’t be having better weather for spring fishing and antler hunting. I mention antler hunting because it is motivation to climb seriously steep hills to achieve one of my other goals above. Lose a little winter weight? Check. Rivers have bumped and warmed but still haven’t blown out completely. There are hatches of midges, mayflies, and stoneflies already with March browns and caddis right around the corner. My favorite and probably most productive set up lately has been a dry-dropper system containing a #10 Foam Skwala Stonefly with a nymph imitating whatever other dominant hatch that might be occurring, hung below.  Aside from a little streamer and bobber fishing here and there, no matter what state, stream or river I have fished lately, I haven’t changed my set up for over a month. Fish more? Check!


Josh Duchateau

Head Guide and Outfitter

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