Chill of an early Fall?

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Good Morning Folks,

39 degrees right now and the low gray clouds are clinging to the surrounding mountains so characteristically of Autumn. Is summer over? Say it isn’t so, but the signs are everywhere that Fall has rolled into the Yellowstone region. Fresh snow on the Sphinx last week. A little bit of color beginning to light upon the leaves of the aspens. The bugle of a bull elk. Buttery yellow bellies on big, slightly kyped, and overly aggresive brown trout. Are you kidding me! Anyone staying with us now, better have a layer or two of fleece in the morning. The good news is, we have the most glorious Indian Summers around. 70 degree days, blue bird skies, light winds, fall color, and hungry trout.

So what to expect the final 3 weeks. Continued good terrestrial fishing just about everywhere. It has been a solid hopper season, and this action typically goes into the beginning of October. Look for flying ants to increase in importance too, especially on the Madison, Henry’s Fork, and Lamar rivers. The return of Baetis. This small olive colored mayfly has already started to show up in fishable numbers on the Madison and Gallatin. Look for the best activity on the gray and gloomy days, but don’t neglect the importance of nymphs in any weather condition. Green Drakes. Yes I said Green Drakes. Sister species to the more famous Green Drake of summer, this large Mayfly emerges on the rivers of the NE corner of Yellowstone, reminding the natvies that winter is long and you better fatten up for it. Streamers-Ripping the Junk Baybee! Exciting and aggresive action can be the anglers reward for sore casting arms and long days.

I am calling it-it has turned to our fall season and this is my favorite time of the year. There may not be a more special time of the year to be casting a line on our area’s rivers. So hopefully you have booked your fall trip to Yellowstone at the Firehole Ranch.

Let’s go fishing.


August Dreams

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It is the middle of August and the “dog days of summer” have set in. If by the dog days you mean that fishing is still going strong and the fish are eating to everyone’s pleasure. From the Madison to the Park and back again to the henry’s Fork, fishing remains strong across the board. The rain and snow of spring have kept the area’s rivers in great shape, running cold, clear and full. We have been hitting the Yellowstone around Gardiner for fantastic dry fly fishing. The name of the game here is Chilly Dawg, Baby! You could even throw double Chilly Dawg if you were feeling particularly greedy. But as the 80’s suggest, greed is good, and when the fish are biting, one must do what one must. The Henry’s Fork continues to produce all day happiness. Rubberlegs, Shop Vacs, and FB Princes are the key here. If you see the thingamabobber  jiggle, set! The Madison is starting to experience a serious hopper bite, Morris hoppers, baby huey’s, and para hoppers are lighting them up. I can’t take it anymore, it is time to hit the rivers.


July 21st-The Summer is Flying By

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Good Morning Yellowstone,

Holy Cow is the summer just sailing by. I looked up from my flip em floppy yesterday only to notice that we are three weeks into July. The fishing this month has been very good throughout the greater Yellowstone area. The Madison has been steady with Caddis taking over the river as the Salmonflies and Goldens become a memory for another season. Nymphing remains solid with the “usual suspects”, especially with a good drag free drift along the seams and edges of the Madison’s many boulders. The Park is quickly becoming the go to place for the dry fly addict. Lamar, Soda Butte, and Slough are all producing good hatches of Yellow Sallies, PMD’s, caddis, and even a few Drakes. The wildflower show going over Dunraven Pass to get to the NE corner of YNP might just be worth the drive alone. Despite a little road construction in there, and higher than normal water, a float down the Yellowstone in the upper reaches near Gardiner can be fast and furious. Can anyone say Flip em Floppy! A few chubby chernobyl’s, royal wullf cripples, and royal trude cripples would be nice additions to the flop em’ brigade. The Gallatin is a fun choice just about anytime, but right now an dry fly angler can do well in the afternoons with a small selection of high riding dry flies, trialed by a beadhead prince. Even the Fork continues to fish well, and the load of water  down there might be a contributing factor. Die hard nymphers will do well tangling with large Rainbows and Whitieys in the Box. Savy anglers will enjoy a morning stalking large risers in the Ranch, and floaters in the lower river will enjoy all day action with both dries and nymphs.

Summer is in full swing. Time to fish like Mad!


July 6th-Salmonflies

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Good Morning Everyone,

They are back, and in full force. Salmonflies are moving there way up the Madison and Gallatin Rivers. These size 6 monsters are finding their way into the watery currents, much to the trout’s delight. Salmonflies have been spotted as high up as Palisades on the Madison and Big Sky on the Gallatin. Good weather for this bug activity is in the forecast for the next couple of days, so it is time to grab your favorite imitation cover some water. Look for goldenstones, caddis and PMD’s to join the party, and be aware that many times the fish actually prefer one of the “lesser” insects. Nymphing has been good and frequently the best “salmonfly fishing” is done with the nymphal imitations. The Henry’s Fork continues to shine, and a stew of bugs are emerging riverwide. Brown Drakes in the Ranch, Flavs in the lower river, and PMD’s in the Box are just some of the highlights. Many of the small streams in the Park are on the verge of busting loose. Look for the NE corner to be a viable option very soon. July is always an exciting month to fishi in the greater Yellowstone area, and with this year being a little later than normal look for this July to be even more exciting.


June 29th-Summer, Summer, and more Summer

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Good Morning Everyone,

Summer is in full swing this week, with daytime highs reaching into the 80’s, and lots of blue sky and sunshine. A few isolated thunderstorms are also forecasted this week, just to keep us all on our toes. Fishing remains good and options will continue to increase as we come out of run-off. While the Madison below Quake still has a bit of color to it, there is close to 3 feet of visibility, and the fish are responding to their clearing world. Nymphing is still the main game here, but with the rumor mill chugging out sightings of Salmonflies by Ennis, look for the fish to begin to tune into the surface. The Henry’s Fork is still raging away as top dog. From the Box to Fun Farm, the Fork is the place to be. With Green Drakes in the Ranch, you might have to drag me away kicking, screaming, and crying. The lower river is also producing good insect hatches with Caddis, PMD’s, Goldenstones, yellow sallies, and Flavs. A few drakes are also present, and you know how I love Drakes. Look for the Gallatin, Gardner, and Slough Creek to all become viable options this week. Since it is summer,and we had a wet spring, it is fast becoming Mosquito time, so bring the appropriate bug dope with you.

Good luck and tight lights