Sleigh Bells Jingle In July

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Firehole Ranch Moon

Firehole Ranch Moon by guest Pat Wheat

Some days feel like Christmas.  There is an eagerness to get going and an anticipation that by presents-opening time, has rolled into one big ball of excitement.  Tonight felt exactly that way, like Christmas in July.  Let me explain.  Fresh pacific snapper en papillote is fish steamed in parchment paper with white wine, shallot, mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, baby orange peppers and lemon preserved in salt.  The sound of paper being torn from treasure filled the air and guests gleefully unwrapped, then ate, their present.

While everyone walked home sort of sideways,  their double sized wedges of  mud pie still settling, we were all treated to two more amazing gifts.  A six foot moose was grazing a meadow just a few feet off the path to the right and the most amazing moon rise I have ever seen on the left.  Take our moon and swell it to three times it’s normal size and rub it orange and dark dusty red, put on two or three black splotches, get some silver to shine through, and let it creep over a horizon still stained purple from the sunset.

My time with the pie.  It is alternating layers of  homemade coffee and chocolate ice creams, encrusted in dark chocolate cookie crumbles, slicked over slowly with ganache, with sliced almonds suspended between the ganache below and fresh coffee whipped cream on top.  The whole piece floats gently in a pond of white chocolate sauce.

Somewhere between surreal and otherworldly, and another day on the Firehole Ranch.