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July 6th-Salmonflies

Posted in Fishing on July 6th, 2010 by rowannyman – Be the first to comment

Good Morning Everyone,

They are back, and in full force. Salmonflies are moving there way up the Madison and Gallatin Rivers. These size 6 monsters are finding their way into the watery currents, much to the trout’s delight. Salmonflies have been spotted as high up as Palisades on the Madison and Big Sky on the Gallatin. Good weather for this bug activity is in the forecast for the next couple of days, so it is time to grab your favorite imitation cover some water. Look for goldenstones, caddis and PMD’s to join the party, and be aware that many times the fish actually prefer one of the “lesser” insects. Nymphing has been good and frequently the best “salmonfly fishing” is done with the nymphal imitations. The Henry’s Fork continues to shine, and a stew of bugs are emerging riverwide. Brown Drakes in the Ranch, Flavs in the lower river, and PMD’s in the Box are just some of the highlights. Many of the small streams in the Park are on the verge of busting loose. Look for the NE corner to be a viable option very soon. July is always an exciting month to fishi in the greater Yellowstone area, and with this year being a little later than normal look for this July to be even more exciting.