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June 20th-Magical Day

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Good Morning Folks,

There are dates throughout the summer that mark some event in the Yellowstone fishing world. Some of them are official, like opening day of fishing season in Yellowstone National Park, and others are like today, artificial target dates for some legendary hatch that typically start on or around that day. Today is June 20th, and it has always been in my fish crazed brain, that today is the day to start looking for Green Drakes on the Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork. But one of the things I really enjoy about are area is how different it is from year to year, and target dates are sometimes thrown askew by water conditions, weather patterns, and numerous other factors, both known and unknown. So it is with today, we find that based on present conditions, alot of the hatches are behind by a week or so. Green Drakes have just started on the lower Fork, and are probably a few days away from showing up in the Ranch. Salmonflies, typically found very early in June on the Madison in the Park, are still holding on in there, and have provided some good fishing for the savy angler, but still around on June 20th, c’mon! ┬áThe Madison below Quake, while fishing fine, is still very off color and this is unusually late for this stretch to start to clear. It could be a week or more before we see clear conditions down here. There are many dates in this area, that in the winter I keep in fresh in my mind as memories of when a favorite hatch will show and the fish will rise. I eagerly look forward to those dates, and I hope that I am fortunate enough to catch the hatch one more time. So today is magical in my mind, my favorite hatch, on the most legendary stretch of trout water in the world begins today, or not. But one way or the other we will be on the river, waving a stick, and trying our best to fool the trout into thinking these dates will coincide with our expectations and hopes.


October 23rd-Only 2 weekends left

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Good Evening Folks,

It is a sad thing for me to post here but the fishing season in Yellowstone National Park is winding down. Only two weekends of fun and frolic in our 1st National Park are left. So we better go out with a bang. The weather is doing its best to provide that bang, with a plethora of clouds and coolness. What does that have to do with anything, well if you are a Baetis it means you and a bazillion of your closest friends can party like there is no tomorrow (of which in entomological terms there really isn’t). Intense hatches of Baetis have been blanketing the Firehole, Henry’s Fork, and Madison Rivers. Likewise on the Gallatin, Ruby, and Yellowstone. My favorite little bug is putting on quite a finale as the season winds down. These gray days are begging for a black wing Baetis cripple #20, and I have been doing my best to oblige. Foam is home folks, and Baetis pile into these slack water foam magnets in masses. Take a look at the photo and you will see why the foam is where it is at. Foam is almost always where I turn to first in the shoulder seasons to find rising trout. The diminutive bugs seem very prone to getting trapped in its frothy grasp. Nose city! The days are dwindling, and although there is plenty of fishing outside the Park to keep me in fishing shape over the next wintry months, I am going to get my Park fill while I still can.
May all your fish be risers.