Kris and Bruno Georgeton Bios

Celebrating their 27th season at the Ranch, Kris and Bruno have a wealth of culinary experience garnered from not only their schooling, but also their travels prior to joining us. Growing up in Minneapolis, Kris moved to Montana in high school and studied Fine Arts at Montana State University. She started restaurant work in college and afterwards spent her summers working at fly fishing lodges. Eventually fate stepped in, and luckily for Bruno, she landed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she met Bruno.

Growing up in Vichy, France, famous for its natural healing springs, Bruno’s mother was the private cook for a Duke who had a vacation home there. Surrounded by the sounds and smells of cooking, Bruno, as the youngest, was the one most often in the kitchen helping his mother prepare the meals. “I knew at the tender age of 6 or 7 that I wanted to be a chef,” he says, pointing to his mother as his inspiration. Although, he admits, she was not so keen on the idea. However, his mind never changed and at 15 he left formal schooling to become an apprentice for a Master Chef. He spent several years studying under the Master and then travelling around France to learn different types of regional cooking, “At a hunting lodge, for example, I learned how to prepare wild game.”

While he was still young, in his early 20’s, Bruno set off for the United States, landing in Washington D.C. where he cooked for several famous restaurants, including “Windows.” Finally, leaving to join his friends out West, Bruno found himself first in California and then in Wyoming, which, of course, leads to the rest of the story...

After a few seasons of working together, Kris and Bruno were given the exceptional opportunity to take over as head chefs at the prestigious Firehole Ranch. Bruno, anxious to run his own kitchen and well aware of the excellent reputation of the Firehole Ranch, seized the chance. Now, 26 years later, it seems that the same things that have kept the Georgetons at the Ranch also bring back many of our loyal guests. That kind of tenure in the culinary world is absolutely unheard of and when asked why they've stayed, both are quick to point to the unheard of freedom they have in the kitchen; from shopping at the market to planning original, creative menus that require them to use constant innovation. They both agree that the personal nature of the Firehole experience has made their job unusually and unexpectedly rewarding. Here, our chefs are as much a part of the Firehole experience and family as the guides or anyone else on our team. Guests won’t hesitate to sneak into the kitchen while the evening meal is being prepared for a quick hug or to pass on a gift.

It is a combination of that appreciation, the memories, the place, and the freedom they enjoy at the Ranch that brings them back each year. “We’ve watched our children grow up here,” Kris says, and when asked what her fondest memory will be when she’s old, responds: “The picture I’ll have is of my kids tubing on the lake, running around at the barbeque and dancing with the band – growing up here.” Chloe, now 24, and son Remy have spent summers working at the Ranch. Bruno agrees with his wife, adding that he was surprised when his children became teenagers that they still wanted to come to the Ranch. “I had always worried about that,” he says, “But each year they are excited to come back.” Bruno and Kris both have developed a love for the pristine country surrounding the Ranch. Bruno knows the miles of trails better than anyone and enjoys hiking in search of wild huckleberry and raspberry patches to accent his delightful creations.

Over the years, the couple has received many fine gifts from expensive wines, to premium cigars, and gifts for their kids, but the most memorable gift so far was the one they received in 2007. The Firehole Family and guests gave the Georgeton family a trip back to Bruno’s native France so that his two children, Chloe, then 17, and Remy 13 could see their father’s homeland for the first time. The Georgeton’s were completely overwhelmed with gratitude for such a heart-felt gift, “It was so generous, so kind, so thoughtful.” It is this genuine appreciation that pushes both of them to continue to deliver original, memorable meals that are as much a part of the Firehole experience as the nearby mythical rivers and the wild trout that inhabit them.