June 14th 2008-Summer, Summer, Everywhere

Hey Folks, we are finally experiencing summer. What a difference a couple of days makes. After having 6 inches of fresh snow on Wednesday, we hit a beautiful 70 degrees today. Sunshine, blue skies, a few white fluffy ice cream cone clouds. Wow! There may not be much better than a summer evening in Yellowstone country. Welcome to all our guests this week, many of them here for the first time. I am excited about the fishing possibilities this week, as the warm weather ought to kick start some more salmonfly activity in the Box Canyon, caddis on the lower Fork, and PMD spinner falls on the Firehole. Salmonflies could also make an appearance on the Madison in the Park and Firehole Canyon. The Lower Madison should continue to fish well with meat flies such as SJW’s, Buggers, and Rubberlegs, but smaller beadhead nymphs will also begin to make a showing. Look for the monster midges of June to pepper Hebgen on the calm warm mornings and evenings. Thanks to all the folks (Patrick, Patrice, Bob, David, Darren, Rob, Jeannie, and Michael) who slugged it out in the snow, wind and rain last week. After many consecutive days of sloppy weather, Suzanne, Pat, John, Brian, Greg, and Geoff all got to see a little sunshine at the end of the week. We hope to see all of you again real soon. As for this week, continue to check in for updated fishing reports, the first annual whitefish contest, and more photos of what will hopefully be a week of fun in the sun!


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