August 31st-It’s Official, Fall is Here!

Well everybody, I hate to admit it, but I missed that one day every year where you wake up and know that the Fall season has arrived and the summer season is in the past. It happened 5 days ago, and I fell into indian summer complacency, and didn’t mentally prepare for what is now going to be some actual fall weather. It is raining as of this morning, and is forecasted to rain for the next 3 to 4 days. The high temps tomorrow are only going to dip into the low forties, and there are vicious rumors of, wait for it…..snow! At least snow on the peaks above 8000 feet. Actually I love the fall, it is my favorite season of the year, and we get a great fall in Yellowstone country. The signs are everywhere that fall is here with a vengeance. Elk have gathered their harems and are already bugling. There is several species of low ground cover that is turning yellow and red,a few aspens and cottonwoods are following suit. Baetis are popping on several of the area’s rivers. Fall is here Babee! So how is the fishing? We are definitely making the move into fall conditions as the mornings can start out a little slow. So sip that morning cup of coffee a little longer, and prepare for late morning and afternoon fishing to be the best time to tackle the area’s rivers. The Madison continues its season long solid fishing. Baetis are now vital down here, and nymphing their imitations before the hatch can provide some fast and furious action. The dry fly fishing is also still quite good, but if it is cloudy prepare to fish size 20 and smaller bugs.  As the week progresses and hopefully a return to Indian Summer, terrestrials and caddis will make for some eye relief for the dry fly enthusiast. The NE corner of YNP has been great but look for this rain to possibly put these rivers out of commission for a few days. We will update this as the week progresses. The Fork is fishing well, especially in the Box as the large rainbows here seem to relish Baetis nymphs. What a beautiful place to float a fly, or sink a fly, as the case may be for the Box. Look for Warm River to Ashton stretch to come back into play this week. I love floating this section in the Fall, as the fishing is quite good, and the crowds-well there isn’t any crowds! The Gallatin is also a great place to fish in the fall, but I wouldn’t plan on getting there early-hit it late and look for Baetis! Anyway, time to put on waders again, and a rainjacket, and maybe even a fleece or two!


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