Sept 14th-Going out with a 70 degree bang!

Good Morning everybody. Welcome to the Firehole Ranch’s last week of the 2008 season. It has been a great year, with some of the best fishing in quite some time. Despite the difficulties with Hebgen Dam this month, it did not put a damper on what was, and continues to be, a fantastic 2008 fishing season. The weather on tap for this last week is looking as good as it gets. 70 degree days with lots of sunshine for a Firehole Ranch full of guests, Wow! All the issues with Hebgen Dam have sent the guides into Idaho a bit lately, and the box Canyon, Warm River to Ashton, and Ora to vernon, have all been fishing well. Nymphing is still the main game, but a few fish have still been looking for hoppers, and the occasional Baetis. Yellowstone National Park is fishing good as well, with the NE corner stealing the show. However the crowds have been a bit of a challenge. Patience and courtesy go a long way in making it enjoyable for everyone. The Firehole is fast becoming a major player with lots of Caddis and baetis keeping the fiesty rainbows and browns happy. A few Hebgen lake fish have moved into the Madison, making this fall fishery an option as well. Swinging flies such as woolly buggers, zonkers, and other meaty streamers can bring some savage takes. However I prefer swinging smaller soft hackles, or even straight up nymphing for the most action! SJW’s with a trailing Shop Vac is a hard combo to beat! We have also been on the Yellowstone this past week and floating this wonderful river is quite fun. Best flies have been chilly dogs with RW Cripples. Time to fish, so lets go get bent!


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