Ruby River Overview

A special river that just might become your favorite small stream destination in our area, the Ruby River lies north and west of the Firehole Ranch, a short one hour and twenty minutes away. It is a surprisingly small stream for the quality of the trout that can be found there. Secretively winding through the cottonwoods and alders of classic Montana farmland, the Ruby spills forth from the beautiful Gravelly mountain range. The Ruby is a challenging fishery because of its size, tight casting quarters, and finicky brown trout, but the rewards are worth it.


Ruby River in Fall_1_Jan_1980-2400.jpg

Ruby Dam to Alder

Only 30 to 60 feet wide in most places, the wade friendly Ruby River produces good hatches all summer long. Brown trout, up to 18” inches can be found tucked under overhanging willows, at the base of riffles, or tight to rock-strewn banks throughout its entire length. An angler needs to be aware of their back-cast here; and many eastern anglers will be reminded of some of their favorite streams back home, because of all the vegetation that grows thickly along the Ruby’s banks.


Baetis on Lamson_1_Apr_2009.jpg

Pale Morning Duns: June 15th - August 15th

Trico's: July 25th - September 15th

Hydropsyche Caddis: July 1st - August 15th

Rhycophilla Caddis: August 1st - September 15th

Terrestrials: August 1st - September 30th

Baetis Mayflies: September 1st - September 30th

Yellow Sallies: June 10th - August 15th

Special Notes

The Ruby River also contains a small population of Rainbow trout that are found in the greatest numbers in the first two-miles downstream of Ruby Dam.