Gourmet Western Cuisine

We are thrilled to announce that Master Chefs Bruno and Kris Georgeton will be celebrating their 30th season with us this year at the Ranch. Raised and trained in France, Bruno’s innovative culinary creations reflect the diversity and breadth of his international experience and training. He will be your distinctive dinner chef during your stay. Kris will create your delightful morning made-to-order gourmet breakfasts and sweeten up your evening meal with her homemade desserts.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking forward to and savoring your meals in a way you’ve never experienced before. True artisans, Kris and Bruno will create many delicious memorable meals during your stay with us. They are part of the magical allure of the Firehole Ranch and are valued friends of our returning guests – many of whom will saunter back and visit with them while they cook, sharing a hug or just catching up. Like everything else about the Firehole, this is not your typical escape – here you truly become part of our family for your stay.

Your day will begin with a custom-ordered gourmet breakfast. Afterwards, you can expect a hearty lunch that packs enough caloric punch to tackle those wily trout till the sun wanes in the West. After a physically challenging day on the water you can look forward to relaxing and mingling with your fellow guests while awaiting one of Bruno’s delightful meals. Be prepared to be pampered with local fare that you may have never experienced before, hot homemade baked goods, and exquisite original desserts, all capped off with wines carefully selected to compliment the meal.

Ask any returning guest and you’ll discover that the weekly barbecue is a highlight of the week, featuring items such as grilled steaks, salmon, ribs, chicken, mussels, shrimp, homemade salads and desserts. One of Bruno and Kris’ treasured memories during their time at the ranch is watching their children dance to the music of the live Western band on barbecue night. This is a time to really connect with your family, your significant other, your fellow guests and the rest of the Firehole Family. It is a special evening that will reside in your memories for years to come.

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